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TEA OF THE MONTH APRIL 2014: Coconut Oolong  

I was really sad when this tea did not return in this years spring collection because it was my favorite! But then shortly after, it shows up as tea of the month, which is even better!

This year however, they added lemongrass to it. I liked it the way it was in the first place, but with the lemongrass added, it’s not all that different. So as I mentioned in my previous review, this tea has a lovely coconut flavor that is strong and prominent. Then it is soothed by the lovely, smooth oolong leaves, and the balance of the two flavors is perfect.

The only thing is that the oolong leaves are extremely fragile and if you steep t too long or if the water is too hot, it becomes very astringent and unpleasurable. So be careful and have a lovely April :)

Superfruit Unity is a tea that I use mostly to blend with less-flavorful teas or other fruity green teas.

The reason is this: it’s just so damn fruity that it needs to be CALMED DOWN a lot in order to be tolerable. Or it can just be diluted with water if you don’t want to blend it! (or just use less tea leaves haha) But my point is just that I only drank it without blending a few times just because it is hard to handle, and I could never get the right balance; it was always too concentrated.

Blending it with other teas calms down the intense fruits, and it’s great! Happy steeping :)

Salted Caramel is a tea that I really wanted to try for the longest time and I’m surprised I haven’t yet! So finally, here it is!

Honestly, I didn’t start writing this review with the intention of it being a bad one, but it might have to be so… It does not really live up to its name but it’s a good effort. It tastes very much like plain black tea with a hint of something else a creamy element, but nothing like salted caramel.

It is also really astringent, which is sort of unpleasant. Sorry to  disappoint you if you thought this would actually taste like salted caramel. Just a somewhat failed attempt

TEA OF THE MONTH MARCH 2014: Hibiscus Punch

When I first tried this tea, it seemed a bit cold for something as spring related as this tea, it was actually right during a snowstorm. Needless to say I was not feeling the spring vibe, but I don’t think that is the source of my indifference to this tea.

I’m personally not a fan of this tea. It was way too cinnamon-y for me. Just like last month’s tea of the month was has way too much cinnamon, this one does too. It’ not even like I have anything against cinnamon, it’s just that this tea really overdoes it with the cinnamon.

I wasn’t even expecting it to have cinnamon at all (because of its name). I was expecting a more floral and fruity type tea, but obviously that was not the case. It was only a little bit floral (because there was way too much cinnamon) and not fruity at all.

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Queen of Tarts & main squeeze by DavidsTea... any good?
t-4-life t-4-life Said:

Yeah they’re ntb in my opinion, I reviewed them both so you can read them here and here


Delicious Interesting Facts About Tea

OMG check out the etiquette section! :O hahahaha! I was born in the wrong era….

Tea Etiquette:

  • Drink tea in small quiet sips
  • The cup should be held with the saucer lifted underneath the chin, the cup only moving slightly while drinking
  • The most elegant way is to clasping the cup curve your finger back and hands so they point towards the wrist
  • Do not use tea to wash down food
  • Do not allow the spoons to touch the cup while stirring as it makes a sound
  • The little finger should be pointing out when clasping the cup
  • It is inconceivable to smoke while drinking tea
  • Always wait to be served tea never help yourself

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