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DavidsTea’s Summer Collection 2014

I just know that this summer is going to be amazing, because we have these amazing teas to spend the summer with! Some, I must admit, are more enjoyable than others, but overall, this is a great collection, featuring an old favorite and lots of new and exciting teas!

Shooting Starfruit: First up is this lovely tea, new to the collection. It is the only White tea of this collection, the others are all herbal or fruit based. If you’re looking to cool off and re-hydrate, this is the perfect tea. it has a very light tea body and is only the slightest bit sweet. It tastes mostly like starfruit, but also has a blend of some other fruits.

The white tea base is great in many ways. It is a very hydrating tea, so that is perfect for those hot summer days. This tea also has a light flavor of its own, so it does not take over the light fruitiness of the tea, but rather, complements it.

Sangria: In the past I have had a sangria-flavored tea, and I remember that it was awful! This one is much less awful, to be fair…

It is incredibly concentrated and is very bitter. It has a very raw/deep orange and tangy taste to it, much like real sangria. In my opinion, it could use some sweetener. I think that if you like real sangria, you’ll like this tea :)

Watermelon Mint is one of my favorites of this collection. I found a similar tea last summer, but it is nowhere nearly as delightful as this one. The other tea is tasteless, where as this one is very fruity and minty, the way it should be! It actually tastes like watermelon! It has the perfect amount of mint, and the whole tea is the perfect balance of watermelon and mint. It is the perfect tea for summer!

Just be sure to shake the container before you measure out the tea, because the mint leaves tend to sink to the bottom!

Just Peachy: I still have this crazy intense love for peach flavored tea. In all honesty, this is the best peach tea I’ve ever had. In this past spring collection, the Peaches and Cream tea let me down a little because there it wasn’t peachy enough for my liking. Well I guess they were just saving the peachiest for last!

This tea is super peachy! So flavorful, not bland at all and not overpowered by any other flavors! Just peach, peach and more peach! absolute perfection. It is incredibly refreshing and the longer you steep it, the better! It’s great over ice. Needless to say it is my favorite tea of the collection!

Mango Fruit Punch is the only returning tea from last year’s summer collection, which is a good thing because this tea has everything you could possibly want in a summer tea. It is made entirely of fruit pieces and flowers, no tea leaves at all. This tea has an incredibly strong fruit flavor, so strong that t is almost exactly like fruit juice! I loved it a year ago and I still love it now! It is a perfect thirst-quencher!

TEA OF THE MONTH MAY 2014: Chocolate Macaroon

This tea is a true work or art. I never thought that such a rich, deep chocolate flavor could ever work in a tea. In addition to the chocolate, there are other little subtle flavor that go so well together and make this tea, the masterpiece that it is.

This is one of the sweetest teas I’ve ever had! It has the slightest background taste of toasted coconut and a nutty flavor. The black tea base is excellent for the tea because it balances out the sweetness perfectly while not overpowering the other subtle flavors in the tea.

As for the steeping, it is very important that this tea only steeps for the recommended amount of time, or else it will become unpleasantly sweet!

Happy May!!

TEA OF THE MONTH APRIL 2014: Coconut Oolong  

I was really sad when this tea did not return in this years spring collection because it was my favorite! But then shortly after, it shows up as tea of the month, which is even better!

This year however, they added lemongrass to it. I liked it the way it was in the first place, but with the lemongrass added, it’s not all that different. So as I mentioned in my previous review, this tea has a lovely coconut flavor that is strong and prominent. Then it is soothed by the lovely, smooth oolong leaves, and the balance of the two flavors is perfect.

The only thing is that the oolong leaves are extremely fragile and if you steep t too long or if the water is too hot, it becomes very astringent and unpleasurable. So be careful and have a lovely April :)

Superfruit Unity is a tea that I use mostly to blend with less-flavorful teas or other fruity green teas.

The reason is this: it’s just so damn fruity that it needs to be CALMED DOWN a lot in order to be tolerable. Or it can just be diluted with water if you don’t want to blend it! (or just use less tea leaves haha) But my point is just that I only drank it without blending a few times just because it is hard to handle, and I could never get the right balance; it was always too concentrated.

Blending it with other teas calms down the intense fruits, and it’s great! Happy steeping :)

Salted Caramel is a tea that I really wanted to try for the longest time and I’m surprised I haven’t yet! So finally, here it is!

Honestly, I didn’t start writing this review with the intention of it being a bad one, but it might have to be so… It does not really live up to its name but it’s a good effort. It tastes very much like plain black tea with a hint of something else a creamy element, but nothing like salted caramel.

It is also really astringent, which is sort of unpleasant. Sorry to  disappoint you if you thought this would actually taste like salted caramel. Just a somewhat failed attempt

Spring Collection 2014 from DavidsTea

Peaches and Cream was the tea that I was most excited to try considering my love for anything peach flavored. For me, it’s not peach-ey enough, but I still really like it! The vanilla is too strong in comparison with the peach for my liking, but it gives this tea a flavor profile like no other tea I have ever had. So I would say that a greater balance between fruity and vanilla is need for this tea.

Blue Lagoon is a tea that I had no idea what it would tasted like before I tried it. The aroma doesn’t give away much of the beautiful flavors hidden inside. once you take that first sip, it’s like a huge burst of flavors igniting your taste buds. The blueberry is the most prominent flavor in the tea. Then you can taste other exotic fruits, but nothing specific. Finally, there is an-ever-so-slight floral note to balance out the crazy fruitiness of the tea.

Grape Expectations is a lovely green tea with a very light fruity flavor. The green tea leaves are very fragile, so if you do not prepare it carefully, it won’t taste good. In my opinion it is better hot than cold, but it wonderful for springtime because of the light body and subtle fruity flavor. I wouldn’t say it tastes very much like grapes, there is just a general fruity note.

Cool Cucumber: I was really hesitant to try this tea because I have never heard f cucumber in tea. Maybe it’s only me that hasn’t ever seen this, but I thought it was pretty weird. However, I don’t regret trying this tea at all because it is officially my favorite of the collection!

This is why I always encourage my followers and fellow bloggers to be impulsive sometimes when it comes to trying new things, particularly tea. because really, what’s the worst that could happen?

Anyway, back to the tea! The back tea works as a great base for the tea because without this strong, neutral base, this tea has the potential to go out of control in a bad way. But thankfully, that is not the case. The tea has a lovely cucumber-melon flavor! usually I see this combination is lotion and shower gel, but here it is in a tea! It is such a lovely combination too, and it is perfectly balanced. Recommend 100%

Pom Tango is the only returning te from last year’s spring collection (other than Coconut oolong as the tea of the month). I’m glad it returned and it was just as popular as it always was. It is an especially unique tea because it has tons of fruits and a black tea base to balance the crazy fruitiness. The mango flavor is the strongest of all the fruits and the tea is great hot or cold!

Have a Great Spring Everyone!